Friday, February 27, 2009


After long day of rest, i have enough time to stroll and visit abu dhabi mall and some botique, i decided to go to cinema and look for which films they are playing right now...

Then, i saw this film entitle the confession of shopaholic which looks cool... Sleazy and cheesy but its a type of film that u will feel good in the end...

Anyway, i will not tell that in details so that you can go theatre and see what this film all about... But this film reminds me of how important credit card and your WANTS and NEEDS in life.. Especially when you are planning to save for something.

This film reminds me of something! This reminds me of avoid using credit cards and of course try to save something for important things that it is really necessary. Soon, i will be in the philippines to spend my vacation, i realize that i really need to save something for myself, my family and friends... i know that this is a tough challenge but i really need to do it. i have to make this things happen and aside from that, i should make this real and able to do it because it is important...

And thats how this film affects my budgeting and my planning to spend my vacation with my family and friends... Nowadays, job is really hard to find... money is really in crisis, we should remember that the best thing to survive is to Save... i think thats all worth it when u get it and accomplish it...

I rated this film as ***** out 10 stars... this is soemthing that we always need to do and should do...

Enjoy the film!!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Last Thursday was another memorable period of our life... its the day where they started to lay off workers from different departments of my company... they started with senior managers followed by call center agent and my fellow designer.

it is really hard to think about this pressure and heavy depression coming in our lives. we are all affected of this phenomena and still we are here, praying and asking for God's guidance about being powerful and have enough strength to continue life and accept the fact that laying off is real.

Today, we feel the pressure and depression of this phenomenon and neither one of us can tell how it will go and who will be the next...all of us are in the situation of uneasiness and i'm sure that all of us are not prepared on this situation.... I myself dont feel good as i dont know what will gonna happen when i get back to philippines... i'm sure i will feel depress and sad...

i hope this will end soon... in this week, i hope and pray that im not one of 160 people that will be soon unenmployed!

so help me God!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The Colors of Gay People

Straight people in the society find gay people as just kinky, flamboyant, happy, creative, artistic and loving. This time, let me share you the different colors of Love when a person such as me find the colors of gay’s heart.

We know that the emblem of gay society is the Rainbow colors. It symbolize diversity, culture and nations of gay people around the world, it also give us the meaning of equality, fairness and acceptance of each gender, sexualities, and preferences no matter how complicated life is. Let me tell you the definition of each color when people like us feel and experience such type.

Red. Red symbolizes Love, gay people are very open-minded in many ways, and it is not only loving other person but loving himself. There are some gays enjoy playing with other people’s heart and ignore the reality and meaning of it. He rather enjoy looking at the mirror and make believe how handsome he is and play with others like a toy or a new stuff that after you use, you will just throw it and keep it the dumpsite. It’s really hard to find true love in this gay world, some are into games, some are not serious and some are just pretending to be in love. In short – red is just another word for blood and a true meaning of being Alone because it never answers the gist of relationship, partnership or even companionship.

Orange. Orange symbolizes Hot guys, people are just being superficial knowing that hot guys are like a bunch of orange fruits under the sun. They always get tan and keep themselves hot and attractive. These people intend to be love but not for long time. It empties his brain and empties his heart by making himself the shallowest person in the gay world. It is hard to define love with them, as it is just for a short period of time. The fact that gaymen are polygamous, it is really hard for them to be in a monogamous relationship and stay in a long term bond.

Yellow. Yellow color stands for Simple guys that just want to have a good relationship with someone that will accept them as them. These people usually cry because of the pain given by other colors that made them stop looking and change their beliefs of true love. This painful reality keeps them in the shadow of loneliness and not trying again and not opening their heart once more.

Green. Green symbolizes Ethnic Origin and Inter-racial love. People around the world are searching for the love they are looking for a long time. These type of people are sort of genuine as they keep asking themselves if they still know how to love and if they can able to find true love. Interracial love is crucial to many as it is complicated and fragile. It involves feelings, emotion, effort and money especially if the moment of the true love and decided to be together. It works for everyone but it ends with no one.

Blue. As a person who always in the shadow of the past, these gay people hide themselves and keep themselves isolated because of the pain that they experiences from the ex’s. It hurts them when they decided to try and failed relationship. These people intend not to love anymore but hate themselves being alone.

Indigo. A virtual love comes with those Indigo gay guys. They believe that relationship works even its online and virtual love. It works even they are in the long distance relationship. As long as they are open to the reality of being gay. It compliments the open relationships that allow everyone to do it even with the knowledge of their partner.

Violet. Violet gay guys refers to a successful relationship. These people are the people who find relationship genuine and important. They believe in monogamous and harmonious relationship that keep them till the end of time. They value relationship as it is a sacred thing happen in their lives. They believe that even you are gay, you can still found the best love in the world. The most harmonious and the most important thing that a gay couple will ever have – marriage.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


have a great time looking to my new sets of pics... i hope you can give me some suggestions, comments and recommendations.... peace!!!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another day in PAradise...

Well... I just watched the David Archuleta's performance on youtube and sang Another day in Paradise, so this is the reason why I made this blog... not because of David Archuleta but of course to what I experience last Thursday night... It was really good to think that after your heavy week, you will have some break and spend thatt moment with special someone.

Well.. last Thursday night was really fun... After work, I went home and prepare myself for another fun night.... We always enjoy meeting and we always enjoy seeing each other... I know the fact that we dont say that we both miss each other, but.... There is a time that all we have to do is enjoy walking, talking, chatting, eating and watching TV... hehehehe but it was really fun....

He picked me up around 8pm and then we went to Khaladiya mall which is one of the newest mall here in AD.... After that, we decided to take some snacks for later and then we flash to Ocean's restaurant.. where we spent our valentine's date.... We dine-in and ordered some foods and we talked more and joke more... sometimes being mean but most of the time.. fun....

Well... After the shopping thing... we take some break and prepared the snacks but of course we need to take some time to clean ourselves... Without knowing... he prepared the bathtub for a nice bath relaxation....It was successful, after putting some liquid soap and really hot water... it was really fun because he was there next to me and relaxing.... its cool, you know but of course the water was really hot... hehehe and im sure... he is hot too... :D

After that, we watched TV shows and then grab some cola and whisky while we're eating our midnight snacks... Its really nicee and cool that you talk and have some wonderful time with the person you like... it is another wonderful moment, I cherish it of course...

Sunday, March 2, 2008



When I was in College I use to have this feeling and ability to create different genre of life, I creat different scenario and start thinking by asking myself "WHAT IF?" In this case, it is really easy to create a certain story or create a certain beginning and ending. Most of the time, I think of cool things in life and sometimes, worst. I usually put heavy drama in this things and makes my life and my attitude affected.
For example, When I was in my senior year in college I had this guy who is really nice, cool, handsome and sweet. In short, he is almost perfect 10 when it comes to physical and moral characteristics. He is always a good guy to me, but one time this crazy mind ask again "WHAT IF" what if he found someone and leave me... Do you know what happen? Well, I felt that if he found someone and be happy with another person I dont know if I have the courage to fight for his love. Because I know sometimes Im stupid just letting my guy go... Then on, i was a jealous type of guy and sometimes never trust him. But it really happens, He met a new college guy and been together for longer time and I just let him go. I never fight or ask him to come back because I dont know what else I can prove that Im inlove with him (that time).
Many people talked to me that'What if' makes your simple life miserable, complicated and full of pressure, becuase you know to yourself that it will be nonstop, it will be continous and may affect many lives or even your future. They said that because of this character, I became a Drama Queen, always a drama and make things complicated. You know what, it is hard to tell to a person how you care, and sometimes its hard to say it in front of the person how happy you are with him, so you are creating possibilities of what you will going to expect if he or she is like that. Or even, if he or she have that expected answers, for sure it will be happy. but most often, it is not like that, it always end the 'what if' thing into much complicated situation, the target -- your heart and mind.
So far, This past few months are very wonderful months for me, i met this lovely guy, totally nice, very loving I think and cool. I never seen him sad even there are things that make him sad, All i see is a very positive attitude towards life and how things go round and make life simple and not so complicated. But I know it is my fault that sometimes I overreact, been sad or quiet, and make things complicated... Thats why we both know in the first place that we dont have similarities even our nationalities, likes and dislike. But, we are in the process of getting to know each other and I wish I can be just simple guy and dont think so complicated. I just wish I can tell more things that my mind want to say, or even my heart want to whisper. I wish I dont have the cursed of "What if" that makes my mind create stories that makes my own heart hurts. I just wish, he can accept me for being like this because I know even in so drama I still beleive im genuine.
Now, Im afraid, because of these things, there might be a possibilities that he will stop calling me, or even stop talking to me, or even not to talk to me at all....But he dont know what inside of me when he say things that makes me feel sad... Im afraid to lose him, you know!?! Because once again , I know it will be heartbroken ending again, it will be hurting inside again... I will make an example for you to understand it...
What will be your feeling if one day he say goodbye?? What will be your initial reaction if he cant stay because i have this curse of being so drama? It hurts me when he asked me these things, I will never say anything but Im sure you see the sadness in my eyes when you tell me this... I know you never mean to hurt me, or you dont want me to get hurt because of these, because i know that fact from the early beginning.... I just feel so sad bout this, these things are the things that makes me sad... makes me quiet or makes me crazy.... IF craziness is acting stupid things and behaving not so well atittude, then I accept... Because, someone is coming but you dont like to pass because you are haunted by your past....
If your past makes u cautious in your future, then it is really hard to determine the right future.... You are right about several things, you proven alot and be the best one, I never ask for anything, I just want to know, where I will be in your heart?!!!! But thank you for letting me in, I just still want to make you happy... I will be there for you no matter what... I just wish, you give me reason to fight for this, to fight for you...

Monday, February 25, 2008

before the heart month ends....

I really dont know what will gonna happen this year but I consider that this month is amazing month that i will remember even if the year ends.

There are reason why people are looking for a committed relationship.. I am! I always dream and wanted to have a good relationship.. a long time relationship but i know that it will be hard... it will be in different process and will test of time... I never been in a long time relationship but i think 3months is long one... hehehe but kidding aside, i never been to a long one... Never tried... no one like... :(

I know to myself that im easy to have feelings to one person... I just want this person to feel that I will try to be here no matter what... Like what we always say... life is to short to be faithful... heheheheh joke!! LIFE IS SHORT TO WASTE TIME...I always beleive that I can give my heart and my love to a person who will love me the same way I do... I dont know if it is right but I know that in my situation, i dont want to waste time.. instead, to know him well and be with him as long as we both have the same feelings.... It might be crazy to say but I think when you feel that love... you will adjust everything, you will sacrifice everything and you will be with this guy no matter what... It is painful to know if the person leave you because he cheated or seeing someone because he dont have the passion to love you anymore...

Im 26yo but I know the feeling that sometimes, I need someone to cry on.. I need someone to enjoy my nights and days... I like days when u both feel the love and express it in many ways... .I never have this love but like what i always say... This year is the year where i need to be patient, be cool and enjoy everything i have... thats me, that is what i want to be...

you know, I feel so happy sometimes and bad that im still single... i really dont know the problem but sometimes, it is good if u have this feeling or someone to be with and enjoy everyday being togehter... it is really good feeling when you feel different when he is with you and make u smile and make u happy... things change but it is something, you know!?

Do you also want to know my dream wedding??? Funny to say it here, right ??? but my wedding is just simple... me and my partner announcing our committment and vows in front of my friends at the beach... near the seashore, where the sun and water are my witnesses on this forever love... I also like to invite close friends to witness this and to share this moment of me being happy to a person that i want to have for the rest of my life...

Im just a simple guy, I might have some issues but i guarantee you that I will stick to a person I care for no matter what.... It is amazing when you feel something to a person and then all of the suddent you are trying to adjust to know him or to be with him... or happy being dating a person exclusively... isnt it nice??? hhhehehee... I still beleive in a monogamous relationship... I dont know this feelings but I think i will just cherish this...

I feel sad now.. thinking that i am missin something.... :(

Friday, February 15, 2008

A day call Valentines Day

Its been a long time since I write blogs in here but i think this time, I have a good reason to do so...
It is really good to know that sometimes someone inspire you to write a blog/s. It is also good thing that someone makes u happy inspite of many troubles and difficulties... It is also good to know that some cares and appreciate you in the middle of nowhere.
Last night was a very lovely night for me, it all started when he picked me up after I finished working out... It was great when someone is there after your heavy day... On our way to our 1st destination, i greeted him Happy Valentines day and I cant kiss our touch him because we're in public. UAE is not a gay community friendly so, I know how to deal with this thing... While driving, he is getting something inside his plastic bag and I just wonder what was it ...and all of the sudden, he put out something... and it was a box of chocolates...
It was a big surprise for me and i think i blushed when he gave that box of chocolates... you know.. its a simple thing, but i truly appreciate it... My heart's beat faster as I was there sitting next to him... it was a good start of knowing that i feel happiness after a long time....
I asked him where to go, and he brought me in a Small chinese restaurant and it looks very nice and fancy.. its like a scene in an old movie because for me, its like a fine dining... We sit back and relaxed and after few minutes he ordered food for both of us... we keep chatting and have a very nice diner and its really good food, aside from the fact that our waitress was really nice and I'm proud to say that She's a Filipina.
After we ate pancit canton and shanghai roles, we went to his place and watched DVD, it is really good because its night where you spend more time talking and knowing each other, understanding things and learnings between the two of us. We has a wonderful night by saying goodnight and kissed. It was so fantastic, I feel so great knowing that there is someone hugging you and cuddling you in the middle of the night... It is not really perfect but a wonderful night to share and to spend to someone who I consider nice, lovely and cute... hhehehhee
I am happy and i feel good bout this evening... It is the best Valentines day of my life...
Happy Valentines Day... Cheers!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I miss my family and friends!

I will post soon WEbmaster!!! I just dont know how can i able to make more people view my blogspot...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NEW Sets... (Oct, 2007)

This is a modern set-up that i created a week ago and it looks good and kinda cozy! I hope you like it...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


These are my first project when I started working in Abu dhabi branch... It was really fun because my VMC wants me to do what I want to do in terms of designing... She's a good and very impressive leader and I admire her for that. She wants me to stay focus on this so that in the future I might be able to be like her...

I hope you like looking and reading my blogs and photos... It is really great to share your experiences and your art to someone who would like to see and read it.

This time, This project is kinda complicated and challenging because I dont really like this part and we also have limited accesories and materials that you can put in this area but when I finished it... It looks wonderful! I find it very clever!

This time is kinda classic! Well its very complicated too because I'm not really fan of classic but I hope I give justice to this one! Most of the customer go there and visit, stay for awhile and think if they can buy it or not.. but at least I have the reason to enjoy my job.. because I know many go, stop and look for my designs...

Yesterday after work I decided to go to Internet cafe to get online and chat for awhile, to check my mails and to check my photos. After getting online for 3 hours I decided to buy a contact lens and without thinking I bought it for 80 AED and After that I also decided to vist an Indian Barber shop for my haircut. I sit there and told to the haircutter what type of hair I want. After that, I asked the other guy if how much is the Hair relax and I got it for 25 AED which is I think is cheaper and almost the same price when I was in the Philippines.

The Session started and I was amazed with the Tissue paper that he used to put it on my neck because its kinda different and I know that there is nothing like that when I was in the Philippines. After my haircut was done and when he was my hair is very memorable!!! you know why?! We went to the washing area and here how it goes.... He let me vow and my head on the sink and open the faucet, it is really funny because in the Philippines they dont have like that... in case, they ask you to sit or lie on a well-designed chair for washing hair and I was shock then because it is really totally different.
After washing my hair, he blow-dry it and at the same time he used his hand to dry it instead of towels. It was really new for me as most of my friends are working in a saloon where I know how they treat their costumers. After that, he put the relaxing cream and started to comb it and after few minutes of waiting. He once again rinse my hair and did the same thing... this time I was so nervous to the towel that he used because it smell really bad and I dont know if it is clean.... gosh!!! why are they like that... Im still in shock!!!

Monday, September 3, 2007

My new Recent Pix...

Here i am my dearest friends.. I have new set of

photos and I hope you like it... This was taken in our showroom in Airport Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is really wonderful to work with these ladies. Aside from being so professional, they also have sense of humor and that is the reason why we enjoy our company together.
From the Top is Miss Bell and she is the Cashier followed by Miss Lot who is our Marketing analyst which is also funny and sweet. Before me is my Visual Merchandiser Coordinator, Miss Joy whom I consider as a sweet yet workaholic lady! She's a good lady and easy to work with.
I'm proud to be part of PEHF, Airport Road branch.

Friday, August 24, 2007

my pamangkin

ang cute noh!!!!


Last August 16, my sister officially have his baby boy... Due to some complications, Aldous Sage Gaslang needs to stay at the hospital for another 4 days and now he is there with my sister.. looking good and handsome babyboy...
Now that I have my niece, i think i have more reason to get going and work hard... coz i also want to be part of this babyboy...
Imlooking forward to see this cute lil boy when i come back to the philippines....

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Our job abroad helps us to gain more knowledge and gain wonderful experience! It is really the best time for us to develop things or know things that will help us for the brighter or much interesting path of life....

5 days ago... My visual merchandiser manager decided to bring me to another place/branch. According to some, it is consider as a positive thing for me because it will be far from big bosses, office politics and plastic collegues...

It is also a good time for me to start a new life in my chosen profession... I really admire myself because its been 4months now that i survived far fromy my native country and for me its a good achievement! I really enjoy my independence here! I also enjoy the moment where i need to learn many things that will help me to be a better person, a better man... Thou, Im far from my family, i know the fact the God is always there for us, to make our life better and much easier inspite of difficulties in life...

Now, that Im in Abu dhabi.... UAE's Capital city, I think this will be a big chance for me to go and pursue my dreams, focus on the chosen career and able to deal with life even there are plenty of complications! It is good when sometimes you are far from your native land.. It helps you to dream, to build that dream and to achieve that dream for you to be able to be a successful person....

To be honest, money is not that important to me... I think that it is great that you have plenty of experiences, someone to love and a career that will help you to live is a better thing for you to be successful... Thats life, right?!?!?! It is a pressure in our shoulder but a good thing to motivate ourselves to be a better one...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

another showroom.. another interior!!!

I will try to send more pics guys!!! Just wait for now...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

some of my interior design

These are some of my sample designs... i hope u like it!

Friday, July 6, 2007


Another Night for inventory but this time it is in our Showroom in Sharjah, UAE. I arrived there with smile on my face and thinking that Im not that pressure about my life here because its fair enough. But then, around 2Am, July 6, 2007 when I started to sit on the rag section and all of the sudden my mind became empty.

I was also looking to someone but it seems he's blurred but when he came in front of me, it was my boss asking me to do the work since its very late and we have to finish our inentory. But prior to that... Im not just looking but instead Im thinking! Creating a poem base on my feeling that night!

I hope that you like the poem that i wrote and it really has my full emotion and I dont know why.... Maybe you may analyze or if your a poem addict, you can send a comment and interpret the entire poem....

here it goes...


by: Me

Some part of me is soon to di,e

Some part of me is soon to fly,

It makes me weaker,

It makes me wiser.

Love is killing me far away from home,

Love is giving me hope for goal,

Goal that losing

Goal that dying.

Sunrise, Sunset

Sometimes, Some left

Sickness, I felt.

Each flowers that blooms,

Turns red doom

Is it the end?

Is it depend?

Oh God! I felt,

The love is melt.

I, soon to die and cry

I think what's the reason why

I try, I tie,

I cross, I hide,

I walk, I sight

The morning light

Try to hide

the feeling inside

Now, I cry

I dont know why....

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well its month of July and the Gay Pride around the world are now starting but some just finished with a very wonderful parade!!!
It is very essential to be part of this parade and celebration!!! It is the time when all of the gay people in the world start to unite and fight for the freedom, equality and diversity that we wanted long time ago!!!
In the Philippines, still, the gaypeople are not that united because of the inside discrimation (meaning: they discriminate each other) and this is a very sad fact that we need to admit! I attended the gay pride party last 2004, 2005 & 2006 and i miss this year's gay pride party... Thou most of them attend the party to look for someone to hook up or someone to meet for possible one night stand or a one night for forever romance.
To tell you honestly, one reason why I joined Mr. Gay Philippines 2007 is not only for the position or for the title just to come to US and c0mpete for an international competition but to show the world that we homosexuals can be a role model and give a positive image in our own community. Im a hidden activist, you know?!!! But thats my mission i think... Not only to accept, but to be visible to the public that we also need the same right that the straight people have...
Right now... its really hard for me to go and fight especially if you are in an Arab country where gays are not allowed.
Thou I miss this year's pride, I beleive that accepting myself as a real, true gayguy.. I know that deep within I commemorate and proud that I belong to this community... But then, I ask many gay people to support the projects, objectives, mission and vision of our community and be united so that we can live equally and have a great life not only for ourselves but in the future with ur partner and family...

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Parent's Day!!!!

I left the country last May and Im not able to greet my mom a happy mother's day but then I always love her no matter what happen from the past. There are times that I dont understand here and more often we have this arguments but still she's still the one and only mom in my life.

Also, Father's day just past by and i remember my Father in the Philippines which i consider my inspiration towards all of this... Im proud to have a father like him... because he's a simple yet wonderful father. I always dedicate my stuff to him because he's not just ordinary... He is an inspiration to me... Thou we have several misunderstanding and some problems but still he is my father and will ever be my father till i die...

I remember them now that Im out of the country for almost 1 month and 15 days and they are my inspiration and now i appreciate all of their teachings and guidance . I experience heavy works here and I can tell you that it is really not a joke... Everything are serious and delicate but we should know how to handle it well...

When I was a child, mom taught me how to cook, clean adn arrange home... Everything should be right!!! Everything should be clean!!! and Everything should be fast!!! thats what she told me... Now, I realize that it will come to the point that I will going to use it again... now, that I will face my life alone, now that i will watch my journey towards success and to the pass my goal, it makes me feel that everything is realiable, that everything is true...

She is right! mom is always right!!! She knows everything when it comes to her own children and here I am facing this journey alone but eager to survive and only have my experience to support me and guide me towards the end of this tasks... Im so thankful because I have these wonderful parents... they both taugh me how to become more powerful, able and capable in any challenges that life's throw to me...

I always love you Ma and Pa, thou Im far away from you... You're always in my heart and my mind.. also in my prayers and part of my success.... Thank you so much for being there always!!!

I love this wonderful song... Thou my father is still alive.. I love the message of this song entitle: DANCE WITH MY FATHER... by Luther Van Ross

It is very wonderful and the message of the song is totally awesome!!! I also wish u like this song!

here it is:

"Dance With My Father"

Back when I was a child,
before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high
and dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around ‘til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved
If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I’d play a song that would never, ever end
How I’d love, love, love
To dance with my father again

When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way, I would run from her to him
He’d make me laugh just to comfort me
Then finally make me do just what my mama said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me
If I could steal one final glance, one final step, one final dance with him
I’d play a song that would never, ever end
‘Cause I’d love, love, love
To dance with my father again

Sometimes I’d listen outside her door
And I’d hear how my mother cried for him
I pray for her even more than me
I pray for her even more than me
I know I’m praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don’t do it usually
But dear Lord she’s dying
To dance with my father again
Every night I fall asleep and this is all I ever dream

[Thanks to for these lyrics][ ]

I also dedicated this song to a friend of mine whose father pass away last month (june)... Im sure He will be strong!!! Just stay good my friend and now its time for u to be the eldest son!